Friday, February 12, 2010

Synchronicity is Ethereal

I keep hearing and seeing the word "ether" everywhere, now. I looked it up, because I knew it didn't have to mean emptiness or nothingness. And I found that ether is the invisible celestial medium thought by physicists to transmit waves of light...

Wow, that sounds like God.

I've gone on the Living Oprah site a few times now. I read some entries from the beginning, middle, and end. I think she is brave and honest. Her name is Robyn, I saw, and she is a Capricorn. The main character in the novel I just completed is named Robin, and I am a Capricorn. In one of her entries, she mentioned the word ether.

I love synchronicities. They make me feel happy, as if the angels really are watching over us and our paths in life.


Angel-Star said...

Do you have an "ether" or Oprah or angel or star or anything synchronicitous to report? love, angel-star

artistdeb said...

Hello Angel-Star
Certainly synchronicities have brought me to you and your blog. I will enjoy reading further later. Blessings from a fellow artist soul.