Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ether has been on my mind lately. After I went on Oprah's site the other night and saw my blog, The Bottle Tree, had disappeared, I thought it was a message - a clear indication I should not start this project. I wrote in my journal - "It was a sign - don't waste time on ethereal things..." In my dream Oprah did not give me her blessing, and now my blog had been kicked off her site. I decided not to proceed.

But a few mornings later I walked up to my neighborhood coffee shop to see the barista who is a friend of mine, a young, very cool, girl drummer who had once posed for one of my portraits. She introduced me to a guy, Sam.

We all got to talking about businesses we'd love to start, as there are a lot of empty storefronts in our area of downtown. I said I would love to start a gallery, but only if I absolutely KNEW it would be successful.

Sam said, "Yeah, like if Oprah supported it!"

I figured that was a message from the angels, as I had never even met him and there is no way he could know about my Oprah obsession. I began this blog the next day.

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