Friday, February 5, 2010

Riding Shotgun With Oprah

I dreamed that I was telling someone I had once met Oprah in the doorway coming out of the Governor's ball in New Mexico. She was wearing a beautiful coat with a fur collar. (Fake fur, I am sure!) When she hugged me, my face brushed against her collar. She told me to go into the lobby and write something down. It was brief, but if I ever met her again, I would mention our meeting.

The next thing I knew, I was riding in a car with Oprah. We were talking. She was driving. (As if!) We were driving the wrong way, downhill, on an empty one-way street. But she remained unflappable and looked for a place to turn around.

I was telling her my idea for a blog (and book) called "Oprah saved my life." I mentioned (looking for her blessing) that I already had a blog on her site. She said, "Lots of people do." I told her it was an episode of her show, in 1988, that gave me the courage and permission to radically alter the course of my life.

I mused that there are many ways to save a life - mentally, emotionally, not just physically, but yes - even physically, as maybe a woman would watch her show and get one of the medical tests she recommended. Oprah said, very matter-of-factly, "I have probably saved a lot of lives."

We then turned north, the right way, uphill.

(In waking life I see north as a direction of abundance. Onward and upward, follow the north star, and so on.)

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