Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Invasion of Love (conclusion)

(continued from previous three posts)

How can you be so sure they'll be human? I asked.
Because we're all human, Kel insisted. All made in the image of God! No frog-people, no aliens. Just beautiful, tangible daughters of Eve. Plump and ripe as fruit, man!

He leaned back, hands behind head, dreaming. A nightbird called from the edge of the forest, lonely. I shivered. We hadn't laid eyes on a living breathing girl our own ages since the fifth grade.
So when do we leave? I joked.

Just as soon as we believe it, man. Think positive! We'll ride the milky way like cowboys ride horses, he said. Slide down that path of light like its a river or an avalanche - ride in like heroes, man, like heroes! Just think!

We gazed at the Blue Planet, solitary, shining like a tear in God's eye. And it did seem ripe for invasion. An invasion of love.



Angel-Star said...

Thanks for reading and for your comments!

Old Kitty said...

Hi!!!! I want to read the story in one go - so will get back to you asap after I do so!! Take care

K9friend said...

I love the image of "shining like a tear in God's eye". Well done!


Angel-Star said...

Thank you kitty, and K9! it is wonderful to have animal friends, cuz they Understand Love!

Old Kitty said...

I loved this!!!! It reads beautifully together in one go!!! It's evocative, sensual and quite sad!! I guess the first and second parts just threw me but it all makes wonderful sense in parts 3 &4! Thank you for sharing this story here! take care

Angel-Star said...

meow and thanks, kitty

Ophelia said...

hi, Invasion of Love is a beautifully spiritual
story, i wasn't quite sure what to expect and
this made the journey more exciting and interesting - like a really great gift you
didn't expect.

your paintings are full of emotion -love.

if you have a chance please visit me.

Angel-Star said...

thank you, ophelia. i will!