Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Poem on My Long Absense

Thank You For Visiting This Garden

It has been so long
I've gone
The ground astir
With other seeds
The silent birds,
No words

Yet some still linger
Or pass by
And ever over angels fly
There is no silence
Lasting long
That does not hide
A robin's song

And those of us
Who dissapear
From time to time
From blogosphere

Will sometimes flit by again
Wondering and fragmentary
With a new Poem in our hands...


AngelStar said...

Read, Write, Love
and never stop...

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! This is so beautiful!!! Lovely AngelStar - I love how you flit in and out of the blogosphere like a magical fairy trailing stardust of poems and snippets of stories!!! Yay!! Take care

AngelStar said...

thank you are one of the angels in the garden!

MW said...

Well, as you can see, I'm catching up with all your posts, after the Google Goddess led me here. :-) I'm with Kitty, we all need more of your magical faery dust!