Thursday, March 15, 2012


Your Soul is the Angel inside you
she sees through your eyes
she comes to experience life in human form
through you, she experiences love
she experiences beauty

When you feed the Soul, you are feeding an Angel
when you feed her, she will serve you well
the angel of the soul thrives on beauty
oceans of water, forests of trees
gardens, parks, and wilderness

Your Soul is the Angel inside you
she sees through your eyes
she loves through your hands
she lives through your heart
feed her well

Star Saint Claire, March 15, 2012, San Diego


AngelStar said...

when we get outside our own sore heads and the negativity of the news, and look at the sky, at the beauty in the world, poetry results

that is what happened for me today...
and you my dears?

roseyone said...

i truly embrace this poem....with all that is happening....i still truly believe the words....blessings to you...m

Old Kitty said...

Beautiful AngelStar! I love your new look blog and avatar!

Your poem is just as beautiful! I hope my angel forgives me during those times when I'm too maudlin to do any feeding! I know she loves me and that helps me so much!

Take care

AngelStar said...

Rosey, i know that your words are powerfully true, considering...
and Kitty, you are a true hearted treasure!

La Dolce Vita said...

Angel Star, your blog is truly inspiring and filled with kindness and filled with beautiful words that we forget to live by. I liked reading your inspirational post. I am a believer of ' positive thinking '.
Visit my blog if you are interested . I write about fashion , inspiration, food , photography and random life events !
Take care,

Claudia Sunshine said...

How to live in this world and not leave the system dominate you?

God Bless You!



Geraldine said...

this is very beautifully written and so true. great photo too.