Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Would You Have This Child You Love To Know?

A woman walks down the street carrying a jug of water.
Her mind is troubled by things occurring to her
and by things happening on earth.

An angel says to God,
What would you have this child you love to know?

And God says,
I would wish this child I love to be thankful for the good, clean water in her hands.

I would wish her to feel the cool breeze, and know it is my breath.

That each person she passes has a sun, moon, and star inside,
just as the sun, moon, and star within herself.

I would wish this child I love not to think about problems,
but to fill her mind with beauty, hope, and peace.

To see the flowers and butterflies, the shadows of trees, the flight of birds.

I would wish her to hear the song of birds,
 and know it is my voice.
To smell the jasmine in the air,
 and know it's my perfume.
To see the sky
 and know that all is well.

To breathe,
and know that breath is grace.

Star Saint Claire  7/7/11, San Diego, CA


Angel-Star said...

All my beautiful friends, thank you for staying with me...

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

A beautifully written and very thought provoking post which is a delight to read. 'Be still my soul' are words which immediately come to mind.

stonepost said...

What a thoughtful post! Yes sometimes we forget these very simple things without which life would not be.

Old Kitty said...

May God's wishes come true for this trouble woman! Take care

Cheryl said...

Beautiful sentiments Angel-Star. All is well. Give thanks and love one another as He has loved us.

Angel-Star said...

jane and lance, so thoughtful
stonepost, a dear man
kitty, always kind
cheryl, all indeed is well
my friends...

Cynthia said...

Hello Sweet Angel,

What a lovely words. This poem is
full of gracious gratitude and
love for the beauty of God.

Thank you, Star-Angel for writing
this poem and sharing her. I have
received so much goodness from this
poem of yours.

Angel-Star said...

gracious words from a lovely source, thank you cynthia

helen tilston said...

Truly beautiful. I have read this twice over and it is so simple yet we we forget to count our blessings. Thank you for this reminder

Helen x