Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life is Not a Problem!

Lately, with the state of the world, construction noise on our apartment house (and perhaps Uranus retrograde!?), I have been having a harder time keeping my mind from fear and stress.

In answer to my pain my Wise Self says:


What, dear readers, makes you feel more alive, more adventurous?


Angel-Star said...

mockingbird's song, ocean waves, funny movies, maeve binchy books, breakfast tea, jasmine flowers, singing, painting, walking...(a few of my lively life pursuits)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Perhaps with age one appreciates the small details of life that, when much younger and busier, there rarely seemed the time to notice. Nowadays,just the thought that one is not bound by work demands, a timetable, a routine etc.makes every day seem like a page waiting to be written with adventure all over it!!

stonepost said...

I am often just pretty amazed that I wake up in the morning! This time last year I couldn't pick up twenty pounds! And "now I are one!"
Oh,I apprecitate the song of a bird and the gentle breeze unfelt by the passing butterfly but really, I am after a challenge.
there are a lot more "one more thing to do", one more time but now I am old enough to hunt for things I've never done. I am happy with every breath I take.

Anne Dye said...

Music, my kids, a good book or movie, cinnamon toast, hot chocolate, Nutella, hanging out at the seashore, time alone with my sweet guy (although that hardly ever happens right now), and long chats with good friends!

Old Kitty said...

Charlie! LOL!

But seriously! The news has just been too awful really. Too much hate, too much! :-(

I hope the construction noise ends soon - that would also upset my equilibrium!

Take care x

Anthony Duce said...

Life has never been the problem. It’s thinking about life too much, that gets in the way of living a good life.

Angel-Star said...

drat that monkey-mind, you are so right Anthony...lovely kitty, you are a treasure...anne, you are missed here in America, say hi to Italy for me...Stone, i wish you the most amazing adventures...and Jane and Lance, your blog is a song to life, thank you!