Thursday, May 26, 2011

Balancing Act

A bird flies from the ground to a small branch, and lands.
The branch wobbles. Whoa, thinks the bird, maybe I made a mistake.
Then he finds his balance. The bird looks around, content.
He begins to sing.
The twig shakes again. So he stops.
The bird sees something in the grass, and dives down.
The grass is as tall as trees. He can't see past it.
But he can eat.
Everything, the flying, the eating, even the balancing, seems like hard work.
Only in brief moments is he perfectly balanced.

We may not always be balanced.
But we are always who we are - a person, or a bird.

Star Saint Claire, May, 2011, San Diego

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sky is Blue?

The sky is blue. it seems incontrovertible. yet. one could say with equal authority the sky is gray. white. orange. depending on the weather and the time of day, right? shall we disagree about this and kill one another over it? i think not.

maybe we can agree on this: the sky is the sky. the sky is.

and what of God? so many pretending to know, convinced they know, who he likes and who he hates and what he is and how and where. if we disagree, shall we kill one another over the color of God? the name of God?

maybe we can agree. God is God. God is good. God is.

as a peacemaker i am so weary of the fighting, the wars, the arguments, the opinions, the ideology some are willing to kill for. i feel like giving up. what will happen if all the peacemakers give up?

just now i feel qite zen about this. even if i give up, the sky will still be the sky. and God will still be God.