Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Know Thyself - The Cube Game

My dear friend Shell, in Taos, taught me this game in the spring sunlight on the flowered patio at the Adobe Inn (hi, Adobe Inmates!) where we lived and breathed, briefly and beautifully, side by side in tiny heart-shaped spaces...(the best/blessed neighbors, ever.) The Cube Game: In a flat desert space... Imagine a cube. Imagine a storm. Imagine a ladder. Imagine a horse. Imagine flowers. Now that you have a picture, and the placement of the objects, here is the interpretation: The cube is your self. The storm is your future. The ladder represents friends. The horse is your lover. The flowers are children. My cube was a floating, transparent box with an open top and one black side. It was surrounded by a feeling of timelessness. What was yours? P. S. Self awareness inspires love of self, which inspires love of others, and love of Good. We all need awareness desperately just now with the world in such chaos. And that is why I shared the cube game...We are all works of art.


Angel-Star said...

By the way, wikipedia has a very unsatisfactory description of the cube game, even less than i gave you here! so thanks, Shell, for your expertise on the subject!

Angel-Star said...

also, btw, blogger smooshed all my content together, ignoring all my line breaks, and also ignored all my attempts to edit, but, i just realized the block of text makes A CUBE!!! woo-wooo...

Ophelia said...

ohoh...angel. this game speaks to my spirit
of thinking games and self-awareness. wow -
i have about two friends who would really
enjoy playing this game with me...not sure
all of my friends would, however i can't wait
until this weekend when this game will be
perfect for my and my favorite cousin's phone-visit

i needed to hear what you've written about

thank you!

Old Kitty said...

Gosh! I need to be in a calm, happy place to envision my cube! Thanks for the intro to this profound game! Take care

Angel-Star said...

ophelia! how timely...i know it will enhance your life, and anyone's you share it with, hooray!

kitty, you are welcome, love