Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Pray For A Young Girl

The Why Of Where We Are

Our apartment is sweet, but tiny. We have tried (and prayed) to move elsewhere without success. I finally accepted that if God has us here, it must be for a good reason...

Earlier today I suddenly remembered that if I didn't send my mum-in-law's Easter card, it would be late. So I walked to the neighborhood mailbox, smelling yellow flowers along the way, such a delicate scent as to be almost indiscernible. And I thought about delicate things, and how each is powerful in its own way.

The mail had already gone. If I had known that, I thought, I would have taken it to a different box.

On a whim, I took a different route home. A ways down the street a little dog, a young man, and a young woman stood in a doorway. Another young woman sat weeping on the stairs. I passed by. But then I stopped. Should I go back, or not? I went back. The man and dog were gone. But the young woman was crying even harder and louder. She had left the steps, and was now standing with her face pressed up against the door. Her friend was trying to comfort her.

I said I was sorry to impose, but just could not pass by when someone was crying so hard. She couldn't take it, she said. Her boyfriend had left. She had tried, or maybe wanted to try, to kill herself. I said that every single person with any kind of heart has felt that pain at some time. I told her it is okay to feel deep pain, but it is not okay to punish ourselves for what someone else did. I told her she must promise to tell her friends whenever she feels suicidal. She promised.

Her friend assured me they would be all right. Maybe I didn't do enough. I never saw her face, or asked her name. All I know is she is thin, young and has long shiny brown hair. Please pray for her.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Know Thyself - The Cube Game

My dear friend Shell, in Taos, taught me this game in the spring sunlight on the flowered patio at the Adobe Inn (hi, Adobe Inmates!) where we lived and breathed, briefly and beautifully, side by side in tiny heart-shaped spaces...(the best/blessed neighbors, ever.) The Cube Game: In a flat desert space... Imagine a cube. Imagine a storm. Imagine a ladder. Imagine a horse. Imagine flowers. Now that you have a picture, and the placement of the objects, here is the interpretation: The cube is your self. The storm is your future. The ladder represents friends. The horse is your lover. The flowers are children. My cube was a floating, transparent box with an open top and one black side. It was surrounded by a feeling of timelessness. What was yours? P. S. Self awareness inspires love of self, which inspires love of others, and love of Good. We all need awareness desperately just now with the world in such chaos. And that is why I shared the cube game...We are all works of art.