Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Pursuit of Happiness and a Prayer

I have exhausted myself. In the last two weeks, inspired by an Oprah episode, I have tried and failed to become a vegetarian. Likewise I have tried and failed to lose weight. Tried and failed to "fix" the painting I'm working on. And so on. Trying to catch happiness. Caught a (two-week and counting) horrid cold instead.

Trying hard to listen to the soul and not the ego. Failing, predictably, as it is the ego who demands we "try hard" in the first place. Ack.

What you want you will not get. What you don't want, you will have. A koan. Or whatever those Zen riddles are called.

The one brilliantly bright spot I have created amongst the recent ruins is this prayer:

May today be Beautiful. May all my relations be held in the hands of God.

Well, it's simple.

The things that make me happiest are simple. Lace-like shadows of ferns against a white fence - a mockingbird singing its heart out - a donut.

What are your simple solutions to gain happiness?


Angel-Star said...

Thank you all who made insightful and kind comments on the previous post! May your day be lucky and prosperous!

roseyone said...

how funny...i was in your exact spot a day or two solution....get out of my own way...had a nice talk with ego ever listens unless i get really loud...may today be beautiful and may God hold you ever in his you...m

Anne said...

Thanks for asking me to share this miss Star!

Happiness cannot be gained or lost.
Happiness is.
Be in the moment, be happy.
Do not think
Do not try
Empty silence ~ full of hope
No need for gain, no need to lose.
It is, you are, we are


Old Kitty said...

Coming home to my kitty!! :-) Have a lovely day, Angel-Star!! Enjoy that amazing bird song and that yummy donut!! Take care

Manzanita said...

You feel bad because of something you heard on Oprah and failed?? Look at how many times Oprah failed at diets and she had the highest paid personal trainers, nutrition people and chefs available. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying and be thankful for the cold. It means your body is ridding itself of toxins.
Love and peace

Anthony Duce said...

Each day can become a challenge, or another chance to do something you like. Doing what is liked is happiness. Take the rest less seriously. Seriously, do something you love.

Ralph said...

A lovely post thank you.

K9friend said...

I like your prayer. For me, keeping things simple is always best...and most comforting.


♥ Sallie said...

Feel Better!


Asma said...

i love oprah:D ...happiness..hmmm...i dono it just comes you dont have to work on it,,,just let things be the way they are and enjoy them instead of having a preconcived idea that if it were such and such it would make me happy..hope m making sense:)

Angel-Star said...

Thank you all my wise and kind readers. you are the best and brightest.