Thursday, February 17, 2011

Invasion of Love

(A Story In Progress)

We were sitting out on the portal of my house, looking through the telescoping window and drinking beer. It was night. Pinprick stars spangled the distance like chips of ice, and orbs floated like colored drops.

Man, said Kel, just think.
What, I said.
All those planets. Figments, or real?
Real, I said.
Not just thoughts, he agreed. Reality! Just think, man. Use your brain.
For what? I said. The air smelled like wet grass.

He waxed on. If the ego is only negative thought, and all negative thought is a lie, then negative thought is the devil.
Okay, I said. Kel was religious. I wasn't.
And when all the planets, the ones with life, figure that out, we will banish negative thought. Voila! He snapped his longish fingers. Paradise regained!
Your eyes are shiny, I said.

Just think, Kel said. God is THE PRIME MIND. And we are all, all of us, all of this, inside the vast being who is God. Just like tiny organisms live inside us, we live inside God, the prime host organism.
So what does God live inside? I asked him, grabbing another beer.

(to be continued...)


Angel-Star said...

Tried to add a photo, but the network didn't respond. guess you'll have to use your imaginations...thanks for reading, Angel-Star.

Old Kitty said...

Ooooh!!! This is deep!! My favourite line though as got to be your first person narrator saying "your eyes are shiny" to Kel as Kel waxes lyrical about an abstract philosophical thought. This is lovely, take care

Angel-Star said...

thanks, kitty. you are the cat's meow!