Thursday, February 24, 2011

Invasion of Love, part III

(Continued from previous posts)

Kel pressed the button and we zeroed in on the Blue Planet. Closer and closer it came, water and land, grass and rivers, deserts and farms. Cities glittering like eyes. Green trees, blue lakes.

Blue and green, I said.
God's favorite colors, said Kel. Our own planet was mostly blue and green. Sister planet, he sighed, raising a toast.
When we get there, I said, what will we do?
Heroes, he said. We'll be heroes, man. Not by fighting, by loving! He held an imaginary girl close, made kissing sounds, m-m-m. Some of our contemporaries had got rid of their emotions. Not Kel. He'd kept all of his.
Love conquers all? I joked.
You know it, man, he said.

God, I said. I wish this window zoomed in closer. What if they have green skin, no arms, four legs? What if they don't look like us?
They'll look like us, Kel said.
Brown skin, black hair? I said.
Two arms, two legs, walking upright...and...his hands traced an hourglass shape in the air.

So when do we leave? I joked.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Invasion of Love (part II)

(sci-fi short story cont'd from previous post...)

So what does God live inside? I asked, grabbing another beer.

God lives inside God, Kel stated. We gotta go there.
He pointed. The Blue Planet, shining and spinning in the middle of the window, beyond us far away, small as a sapphire.
There are girls there, man, he said.

We sighed. Years ago, young women began leaving our world in droves to become nurses on planets torn by war. The men had tried to stop them, but the girls proved altruistic more so than domestic. Having more advanced thought patterns, they flew away on wings of pure belief, like doves. None of the men could figure it out. How to leave the planet, that is.

Now the remaining girls were cloistered, pressed into service bearing children for the Kingdom. When these babies grew up, there would be girls to marry again. But not for years. We felt very bad. Being teenagers and all.

Kel pressed the button and we zeroed in on The Blue Planet, object of our desires.

(to be continued...)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Invasion of Love

(A Story In Progress)

We were sitting out on the portal of my house, looking through the telescoping window and drinking beer. It was night. Pinprick stars spangled the distance like chips of ice, and orbs floated like colored drops.

Man, said Kel, just think.
What, I said.
All those planets. Figments, or real?
Real, I said.
Not just thoughts, he agreed. Reality! Just think, man. Use your brain.
For what? I said. The air smelled like wet grass.

He waxed on. If the ego is only negative thought, and all negative thought is a lie, then negative thought is the devil.
Okay, I said. Kel was religious. I wasn't.
And when all the planets, the ones with life, figure that out, we will banish negative thought. Voila! He snapped his longish fingers. Paradise regained!
Your eyes are shiny, I said.

Just think, Kel said. God is THE PRIME MIND. And we are all, all of us, all of this, inside the vast being who is God. Just like tiny organisms live inside us, we live inside God, the prime host organism.
So what does God live inside? I asked him, grabbing another beer.

(to be continued...)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Pursuit of Happiness and a Prayer

I have exhausted myself. In the last two weeks, inspired by an Oprah episode, I have tried and failed to become a vegetarian. Likewise I have tried and failed to lose weight. Tried and failed to "fix" the painting I'm working on. And so on. Trying to catch happiness. Caught a (two-week and counting) horrid cold instead.

Trying hard to listen to the soul and not the ego. Failing, predictably, as it is the ego who demands we "try hard" in the first place. Ack.

What you want you will not get. What you don't want, you will have. A koan. Or whatever those Zen riddles are called.

The one brilliantly bright spot I have created amongst the recent ruins is this prayer:

May today be Beautiful. May all my relations be held in the hands of God.

Well, it's simple.

The things that make me happiest are simple. Lace-like shadows of ferns against a white fence - a mockingbird singing its heart out - a donut.

What are your simple solutions to gain happiness?