Thursday, January 27, 2011

The View From Here

Waking. Making tea. (Honey, cinnamon, lemon, cream.) To take outside with a book and sit under a canopy of birdsong, with a view down the street of Victorian houses, trees, and lit-by-morning, mirror-windowed sky-scrapers.

But where is the book? The one in particular I want is Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing, my favorite writing book. It inspires me. Reminds me why I write. And I can't find it on the shelf.

Is it on the messy desk? No. The messy table? No. A quick prayer to St. Anthony, the saint of lost objects. I walk across the kitchen and look back at the shelves from a distance. There it is.

Sometimes we have to step back to see what is right in front of us.

As with life. At times I am able to float above my life and see what I am Looking for with clarity and perspective. Very often I cannot. The ego views life as a problem to be solved. The soul sees life as an adventure to be lived. I wish I could err on the side of the soul more often!

What are your ways of gaining clarity and perspective?


Angel-Star said...

I couldn't find my photo of the view down our street. but here is a yellow flower taken beyond a wrought iron railing. such views are common in our neighborhood.

stonepost said...

I love the steel photo, Angelstar and will take it as a gift to me! Sometimes I gain clarity while in my morning bubble bath and realize the world is really all about me! Other times it comes from watching Nature, its wrath, its glory, the gentleness and sublime. It is those times when I know the world doesn't revolve around me and that is o'k too. I am thankful for that!

roseyone said...

when i soar with the lightnesss of soul...all things seem to be free....thought, vision, feelings. seems like it happens in brief snippets these days....embracing more of the soulful feelings by choice...reading your beautiful words and thoughts help....m

Old Kitty said...

Oh I wish I could surrender myself to my soul but alas, the ego is big and bossy!! :-)

Thank you so so so much for this wonderful and thoughtful post! take care

Anthony Duce said...

I enjoyed the post. What you note happens to me. I’m not sure it’s my soul, or the willingness to take a second look.

Meredith Blis said...

Wow! Love your tea recipe :)
MEDITATION is my key to clarity
Love the post!

Angel-Star said...

Stone, yes, a gift--i know you love metal
rosey, those brief moments we live for!
kitty, gotta love the bossy ego anyway
Anthony, you always have perspective
meri, mermaid meditation i am guessing...

Manzanita said...

From time to time, I enter into places of my life where I'm able to do astro soul travel . That always reminds me of my priorities and then I do sooo love everyone.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I am now your follower.
Wanna buy a duck

Ruby said...

The only place I can reach a state of clarity and perspective is walking the sand dunes of Lake Huron. Wading through the water and letting the wind blow in my face; feeling the sand beneath my feet; taking deep breaths and closing my eyes.
Alas, I live a two and half hour drive away. I am entrenched in this city because of its proximity to my children and grandchildren. I could not bear being distant from them.
So clarity and perspective are two daily concerns and often get buried. I walks whatever waterside trails I can find here ... they help somewhat; and although I find peace on these trails ... never quite the clarity I feel beside rushing, surging 'huge' bodies of water like the Great Lakes or the ocean.
I've been working on meditation and its getting better.

Angel-Star said...

thank you dear ruby and manzanita!