Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Death By Words

There was an unfortunate man. Words came to him. Words lodged in his head. Words filled his face and throat and chest and arms. Words piled up in his hands. God help me! he said. But he did not move his pen across the page.

He was a religious man. May I express the voices of angels, he cried. But he would not record their utterances. Spirits of the dead inhabited him. Lovely visions and lonely dreams. Words filled his stomach and legs. Words reached his feet. But he would not walk across the page. And he died.

If only he would have written his story, they said. Then we would have known who he was.

We write to show people who we are. We are afraid to show people who we are. Yet we still write. Why do you write?

(p.s. my just released novel YOU WAKE DREAMING can be found at


Angel-Star said...

thanks for reading, and please remember to tell us why you write!

stonepost said...

Wow, Angel Star, why do you ask such Hard Questions? Writing is another art form to add to my welding and recently taken up painting, words become color and chipped paint. It is a method of investigation, a discovery process and a time travel experience. I can go back and forth, at the same time be here and there. Maybe it is just another view of who I am.

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations with your book!!! Wow, I'm so happy for you, that's great news!!!

Why do I write stories?? If I don't all these conversations I have with myself spill out and I get funny looks as I go about muttering stuff to no-one in particular. :-) I guess writing keeps me sane.

Take care

Anthony Duce said...

I write to explain myself to me as much as to others. I entertain myself by creating stories and drawings and words, and then of course I have to show what I’ve done to others.
Congratulations for the release of your novel. I’ll look for it.

Angel-Star said...

Stone, your phrase "words become color and chipped paint" is delicious!
kitty, you purr so pretty
anthony, welcome back! i enjoy our poems...

roseyone said...

well well did it so proud of you!!!you are so inspirational...always out there and sharing your beautiful thoughts and words....encouraging others to do the same and applauding others in their rock...m

Angel-Star said...

thank you, rosey-m, love ya

Dulce said...

Yes... so many stories emain unwritten, thus untold, thus forgotten... unless the oraltelling tradition kept it
I write because it is a therapy to me tokinda 'get rid' of these words in my mind my heart (my feet?)... and so others share my feelings and thoughts.
great post, Angel!

Toyin O. said...

Congratulations on your book:)

Angel-Star said...

thank you sweet dulce and pretty toyin