Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds Fall From The Sky

Birds are falling from the sky! Blackbirds and Starlings. Beautiful birds!
So sad. So scary. Why is this happening? In the New Year we need symbols of hope, not destruction!

Over a thousand birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, now a thousand more in Louisiana. Their organs show blunt-force trauma. My heart shows blunt force trauma.

Birds are, for me, a symbol of all that is good in the world. Birds remind me of the angels. Birdsong revives my soul when I am blue.
Since a child, birds are a symbol of hope, renewal, God's care for the smallest of creatures.

There is the well known scripture that not a sparrow falls without God's noticing.
So God, birds are falling from the sky. Are you noticing?


Angel-Star said...

It's hard to keep trusting the angels when so many innocent creatures are suffering...and it's scary not knowing why

stonepost said...

Two locations now? that is very scary! I wonder exactly how much damage we can do to the Earth before it strikes us back? Maybe this is "the canary in the coal mine"? How much pollution is enough? What a great topic! Our life depends on this discussion.

Angel-Star said...

yes, stonepost. it might be the canary. and i know God is watching and grieving, as all of us blunder on...

Old Kitty said...

It's big news over here!! It's awful! :-( I can only read about it and not watch the news reports as it's just terrible.

Poor birds! :-(

Take care

Ruby said...

Yes, I heard about the red-winged blackbirds raining down in Arkansas; Arkansas also suffered the death of several thousand fish washing up along the river at about the same time. I have heard reports that the birds stomachs were empty so they were not attributing the deaths to something eaten.

It really does make one stop and ponder doesn't it. What will we leave for my grandchildren I wonder?

I recall seeing a photo of a great uncle standing with several other men displaying several caribou they had hunted in a certain area of Ontario. Mind, that was many years ago; but caribou haven't been seen in the same area for over 80 years. They were hunted out. And for what ... the "fun of the hunt"!

Angel-Star said...

kitty, sadness touches even across oceans does it not? and ruby,thank you for mentioning the fish, too, and the poor sweet caribou.

Ralph said...

It does indeed seem that we never ever learn from the destruction we go on causing. And in spite of all the shootings and killing the words of hate seem to follow and the seeds of the next horror begins.

Angel-Star said...

sad but true

Ann Best said...

I know God is aware of what's happening, and is pained by what men are doing to the earth. SOME people never seem to learn. If only we could stop such destruction. Some things we have control over, some we don't. We just have to do what we can.

I saw that you found my blog, and so I came over to meet you. You sound like a lovely and thoughtful young woman. Your art work is most impressive! I have a granddaughter who is getting at art degree here in Virginia. These paintings remind me of her.

Writing, painting, healing. These are the highest endeavors! We all need especially to be healers!!! Thanks for sharing.

daniela said...

pesticides,chemicals,thats why - its the sign.
The sign sais : Stop it !