Monday, December 13, 2010

Love One Another, A Christmas Meditation

The gospel of Christ can be told in seven words: Love God, Love Others, Love Your Self. If we love God, we will love the self. If we love the self, we will love others. But how do we love God?

We love God by loving Good. (God is Good.) By loving Truth. By loving Beauty. By loving Love. (God is Love.)

How do we love ourselves? By loving the goodness in us. By cultivating the truth, beauty, love, and light in us.

When we love ourselves we will naturally love the goodness, truth, beauty, love, light, and worth in others.

We learn by practice. Practice loving something small. A cat, a dog, a flower, a child. It is easy to love things that are lovable and beautiful.

We are lovable and beautiful.

Have a lovely and meaningful Christmas.
Peace and love, Angel-Star


Angel-Star said...

in the rush, i lost my joy. but then i saw the morning star and heard a mockingbird, and drank wine with friends and found it again. in the lightness of heart i could suddenly write about love again. thanks for visiting...i value your company.

roseyone said...

beautiful words from a beautiful person...thanks so much for are always spot on in such a wonderful way....blessings...m

Angel-Star said...

rosey-m, i suspect you are a lovely friend,
someone i know in real life, am i right?

Chez said...

Angel-Star thank you for the simplicity of this message.
Christ said 'love one another as I have loved you.' LOVE is all there is!
Thank you for coming into my life with your message of love.

Angel-Star said...

Chez, you are so welcome!