Monday, December 13, 2010

Love One Another, A Christmas Meditation

The gospel of Christ can be told in seven words: Love God, Love Others, Love Your Self. If we love God, we will love the self. If we love the self, we will love others. But how do we love God?

We love God by loving Good. (God is Good.) By loving Truth. By loving Beauty. By loving Love. (God is Love.)

How do we love ourselves? By loving the goodness in us. By cultivating the truth, beauty, love, and light in us.

When we love ourselves we will naturally love the goodness, truth, beauty, love, light, and worth in others.

We learn by practice. Practice loving something small. A cat, a dog, a flower, a child. It is easy to love things that are lovable and beautiful.

We are lovable and beautiful.

Have a lovely and meaningful Christmas.
Peace and love, Angel-Star

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reaching For The Light

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty..." (Keats).

I bought some little pots of herbs and put them in my kitchen, where they promptly began to die. (I have wanted an herb garden for some time, though I have never done well keeping plants alive.) I kept watering them, but they got sicker and sicker. I realized they were not getting enough light.

The chives were a goner, but I sat the basil and the parsley outside on the porch. The parsley turned yellow. The basil became brown sticks. It was too late. Then I left on a trip.

When I returned, the basil, miraculously, had one green stem surviving. And then this one green stem got leaves. It now bends itself outward, almost horizontal, reaching for the light.