Monday, November 1, 2010

Paradise Lost (again)

(I visited Taos last week. In Taos, the mountain speaks.
It tells us where we have been and where we are now.
It enlightens us. We have only to listen...)


In the beginning LOVE
created the heavens and earth

LOVE created light
LOVE created
everything that moves

and LOVE said,
let us make children
in the image of LOVE

so LOVE made a woman
and LOVE made a man

and LOVE told them
to love the earth
and to make more children
in the image of LOVE

LOVE also said
do not choose knowledge
over love
or you will lose paradise


(and so it was, and so it is...)

Star St. Claire
1o/25/2010 Taos, NM


Angel-Star said...

have you ever walked in the beauty of nature and had such a busy mind that your anxious thoughts obscured the paradise all around you?

Old Kitty said...

All the time!!! But I make a point of breathing in the goodness around me whenever I can! Take care

Ruby said...

Paradise Lost...thoughts to consider. Congratulations, wonderful verse!

I am fortunate for when I walk I leave all thoughts behind and am just thrilled by the beauty that surrounds ... whether on a city street or nature trail. Walking restores my being.

Angel-Star said...

kitty and ruby,
a poem in your names, together
walk on

Ralph said...

You are a dream with words and I dream that you and I are friends I dream so because you inspire me to dream dreams and to be me

Angel-Star said...

we are weaving in and out of one another's dreams, my dears