Monday, September 13, 2010

In Memoriam (Taos Mountain Speaks)

Taos Mountain Speaks

Come to me, Remember
in Silence there is Power
In Stillness there is Peace
You are made of Earth and Stars
You are Free

Face the Sky
Trust the Seasons
Endure Suffering, Keep Giving
Be the Truth
You are Nature

Let Healing Rivers flow from You
Let the Sunset Light your face
Whisper in the Children's Dreams
May your Strength Increase
May your Beauty Increase

When the Wind blows, Sing
When the Storm comes, Stand

-----star saint claire, taos nm, 2003

In Memoriam
Robert Quintana
age 29


Angel-Star said...

i might be back from vacation, or was it exile? (a shoulder spasm, a hole in my heart, an anxiety disorder, a mid life crisis, existential angst)...all of the above

thanks, ralph, for your seeking and hoping

Ralph said...

I am so happy to see you back. I have looked and looked in vain so it was with great joy I read and saw your comments today. THank you

Angel-Star said...

yes, you are welcome

Old Kitty said...

A lovely calming poem, thank you!

Take care

Angel-Star said...

Thank you my little sweet kitty