Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poem for Autumn Equinox

The Last Time
(for Shelley)

The last time I walked over the bridge
a Tibetan prayer flag had broken
free of its mooring
and drifted
into the gutter

I lifted it and tied it to the rail
and when I raised my head a hummingbird
fifty feet above the canyon hovered
inches from my face

Today a huge bird of prey
waits in a distant tree
across the bay a fighter plane
disappears before the sound
of war can reach me

The bird unclasps the branch
and dives
body lit by sun
black- shadowed wings
a span of greatness

I pray it will
and will it to
come closer
so I can name it
falcon, eagle, condor, hawk
as with so many things
I pray and will
it only flies further from me

(Lately I don't know
who or what I am
may /be
be /cause
I am trying too hard to be
who I thought I was)

Ten years from now I will
be saying
that I would give the world to have
what I have

--Star St.Claire, 2010, San Diego

Monday, September 20, 2010

Be On Oprah

My Nashville Singer Girl sent me a link to be on Oprah. I filled it out thinking only of being invited to be in the audience. It asked how an episode of Oprah might have changed your life.

I told the same story to them (the producers) as I've told here (see Blog entries 1-5.)

Then after I hit send I realized it was a link to appear as a guest. Ayeee!
(Not that she will call, she won't. And even so, I don't want to tell it on TV.)
But what if???

Oprah has a habit of asking people, "What do you know for sure?"
What I know is:

Oprah always says, "Dream your biggest dream."
My biggest dream, currently, is:
(the song is called "Believe in Me.")

(Strangely, I did not know I had this dream until I imagined being on Oprah, and what if she asked me about my biggest dream...)

What is your biggest dream?

Monday, September 13, 2010

In Memoriam (Taos Mountain Speaks)

Taos Mountain Speaks

Come to me, Remember
in Silence there is Power
In Stillness there is Peace
You are made of Earth and Stars
You are Free

Face the Sky
Trust the Seasons
Endure Suffering, Keep Giving
Be the Truth
You are Nature

Let Healing Rivers flow from You
Let the Sunset Light your face
Whisper in the Children's Dreams
May your Strength Increase
May your Beauty Increase

When the Wind blows, Sing
When the Storm comes, Stand

-----star saint claire, taos nm, 2003

In Memoriam
Robert Quintana
age 29