Monday, June 21, 2010

The Vacation Driven Life

Once we lived in nature, in a huge abundant playground. Then we lived on farms. Then in cities, in apartments and offices. Now we live inside little boxes, in computers and cell phones. We live inside small boxes and wonder why we don't feel free.

There was a best selling book called The Purpose Driven Life. I'd like to write one called The Vacation Driven Life.

On vacation, we look around, we explore, we relax and wander, forget our worries, and everything seems beautiful, wonderful, new. Because we notice. We are paying attention.

A certain mystic said if we align our bodies with the seasons, we are wise. Summer begins today. The season of vacation. While it's true that inside this box I have found true friends of the heart, I'm considering taking a holiday from posting and email in order to live in the larger world.

I will return in season, if the season so declares.


Angel-Star said...

Thanks to all who have responded to my posts. Have a love-ly and grace-full summer.

Bandit's Pack said...

Too bad we can't always be vacation-driven. I get frustrated with the fast pace of everything these days. It's almost impossible to stray from the pack and try to slow things down. Here's hoping your summer is very "vacation-driven." ♥

Old Kitty said...

Have a lovely break!!! Enjoy your summer and take care. Hope to see you back in blogworld soon.


roseyone said...

vacation driven....what would that be like???wonderful....think ill jump on that wagon....or boat and sail into summer....wheeee

K9friend said...

It's time to relax and enjoy yourself. Happy vacation!