Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Meaning of Life

About once a year, one or more of my closest friends will get a call from me in which I say, "I have discovered the meaning of LIFE!" Last year it was simply, "ENJOY LIFE."


My lovely insights are so true and liberating, and last about a day. Until the inner critic, false self, ego, bad angel, whatever you wish to call it, takes over again in my head to eclipse what is in my heart. Sigh.

The knowledge of evil is what stole Eden from us. The more that we can keep our minds in stillness, and innocence, and the more we focus on the beauty of the earth, rather than the pain of the world, the more we will allow life to bring us enjoyment, happiness and peace.

It's simple. But it's not easy. Could it be that happiness is a spiritual discipline?


K9friend said...

It's a skill that must be practiced, of that I have no doubt!


Anthony Duce said...

I would like to believe thinking good stuff makes life good. I'm sure it is. Too many are wanting to show us what is bad, not trusting or believing I guess.

Angel-Star said...

Happiness as a practice...practising happiness...i like that idea, Pat

As we think, so we are...thanks Anthony!

Vatche said...

Hmmm...interesting idea, Angel-Star. I believe though that the reason we are given life is to enjoy it. However, life is a roller-coaster and there are ups and downs (because gravity had to exist). One minute you're at the top of the world, the next minute you're in the dumps. Don't let something trivial keep you down for too long, because happiness will always be around the corner. Keep writing and be happy (not by practice) but by living in the moment. (If you want to, that is. If you want to practice it, too, I guess that can work.) Anyway, cool post and write on!

Angel-Star said... excellent! yes, to be in the now, even if down, and to allow human emotions. when i don't fight the pain, happiness spills into it...whereas resistance stops flow. thanks for the reminder!

Ralph said...

Yes I believe good thoughts generate good things and more important good people and you are living evidence of that.

Angel-Star said...

Ralph, thanks a million for your encouragement. i appreciate it more than you know.

Old Kitty said...

I just came over to say hello and to enjoy your great blog!

Happiness! I always try to see the good in everything and everyone - and if I can't I try and do things that make me happy like read a lovely book or blog! :-)

Take care

Angel-Star said...

Old Kitty, you are a sweet and purrfect kitty. Thank you for your kind comment.