Monday, May 17, 2010

The Truth Is

The truth is I never did know the real reason for this journal. It began in a dream, as all my writing does. (The dreamtime is the time before time. The dreamtime provides maps of the soul's landscape.)

Then I told a little of my story, faltering and hesitant - wishing to hide rather than be exposed. (My totem animal is the rabbit - we love to remain hidden and safe in our warm leafy burrows. But we also love the twilight and magic time when mystical fairies are about.)

And now all I wish is to emerge into clear light saying, to all you other writers in the darkness of the dreamtime: Come out! (The world is waiting for you to live and breathe again. To tell us how your soul was saved and what sustains you.)

The truth is you are a testimony to life, an anthem, a poem, a song.
Without you, your unique fingerprint and voice, we can't go on.


Angel-Star said...

you are all important to me...thank you for your encouragement

roseyone said...

when i return home i will find the poem i wrote awhile back....your writing today so reminded me of it...i love your dreamy magical stories and poems..never doubt your words they are hopeful and touching...ill post the poem when i find it.

Anthony Duce said...

We need an audience for our thoughts and dreams, a place to express and hopefully be heard. A confidence builder, to make the wishes come true. Emerging into the clear light, not a bad wish to have.

Angel-Star said...

thank you, roseyone - please do post your poem here, can't wait to read it, thanks. yes, anthony, to be heard is so affirming, especially when it's our souls crying out to be heard and recognized! for everyone, feel free to leave poems in the comments, especially if you don't have your own blog, and if you do have a blog, feel free to direct people to it. we all need friends!!

K9friend said...

Beautifully put!


Angel-Star said...

thank you k9!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning... or good mourning... be that necessary Angel Star! Thank "You... for visiting and becoming a Follower of my Blog... and now "Me" a Follower of yours:

"You" touching "Me"... and now "Me" touching "You"!

"The Light"... and that perhaps is what Christ meant... "is"... in my mind Truth. Seeking and practising that Truth... that "is" ..."Yours" alone... "shall set you free."

"Let your Light so shine before your fellow man, so that they shall see your good works..." or..."You in your small corner... and "I" in mine."

Shine on Angel-Star!

Good painting and writing!
warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

Angel-Star said...

Bruce, thank you, your comments are a poem!

Ralph said...

Another great thought provoking blog. I am slowly catching up again on all of my blog reading I do not know how I missed this post.

Angel-Star said...

oh, Ralph, i'm so glad you found it as i knew it would speak to your soul, and had all my lovely friends in mind, including you, when i wrote it!