Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Thing You Most Long For

Another Morning Poem

the thing you most long for
and the thing you most fear
the same, God

she is a bird
winging above the autostrade
a road in Italy that curves
into heaven

the smell of mint
recalls childhood
shadows on a wall
grandmother is visiting
already a ghost

she brings pennies
she lands on your ear like a moth
leaving dust


Angel-Star said...

Rilke said to ask yourself if you would die if not allowed to write. maybe my body wouldn't, but my soul would

Dulce said...

I agree with you...
The poem is awesome!


Anthony Duce said...

Wonderful poem. Expressing yourself is one half of life. the other is learning from what has been expressed.

Angel-Star said...

thank you sweet dulce. anthony, i find your comment profound. don't know if this is what you meant, but it is magical when something we have expressed - a poem - can teach us something about our deepest self - and life - i believe the muse is wiser than we know

Ralph said...

You are indeed a joy to read and please never stop writing keep that soul alive.

Angel-Star said...

Ralph, you are one whos soul is keeping my soul must keep writing also...