Monday, May 24, 2010


I have a badly injured thumb - right hand - and feel limited, anxious. My ego is very uncomfortable with this scenario. However, it is what is. It is what is present.

Whatever presents is The Present...

I listened to my soul and she the bottom of my fears is:
the fear of not being enough.
the fear of not having enough.

In our being, we are enough.
In our being we have enough.

What we don't have doesn't matter.

This insight scares my ego, who likes to have something to do.
("Then what do I do now?" the ego cries.)

And the soul says
Let your self be...
Let life be.


Angel-Star said...

the soul and the ego were both happy that i turned my meditation on being into the action of writing this post...i think

roseyone said...

ego is not happy unless there is all kinds of drama going on...this is how it survives...if you let it be ....that is peace... it does not like it. staying present is hard for cant get a foothold. blessings to you..

K9friend said...

So sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you're feeling better soon.


roseyone said...

fever in childhood...somehow reminded me of a poem i wrote awhile ago.

step lightly on the meadow grass
beyond the trees
where stardust falls on fairy wings
and moonlight dances with the wind

and yet,
unexplored in waking hours
takes wing in dreams,
a place where place has no meaning.

who gathers here in this realm
in abstract code and dress,

my past,
my present,
my future,

the dark corner of sleep nudged awake.
another me exists.

thought you might like this...

roseyone said...

hope your thumb is better soon...

roseyone said...
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Angel-Star said...

dear roseyone...lovely poem. i especially like the line "a place where place has no meaning..." (no idea what it MEANS, but it strikes me as a beautiful and mysterious sentiment)

mY thumb is healing up well. thanks, all

Angel-Star said...

and yes, that is very true about the ego - it does not like to be present, but to always be worrying about the future or the ego i don't mean pride, i mean the false part of us that is in the mind, and is Not the real us...the soul and being...i know you understand that, rosey, but not everyone has read A NEW EARTH, by Tolle, which explains ego in a different way. i hope more people will read it.

Sallie said...

Very cool :)

Angel-Star said...

thanks, adorable doggy