Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fever in Childhood (A Poem)

before the fall
i was someplace else
i remember eating starlight
the communion-wafer moon
burning through the center of me
i was microscopic

what i would not give
to feel grandmother's cool hand
the place is earth
the year is 1963
"you are not old enough to remember"
before she was born,
I am

know this, in fever, the leaves of
morning stirring
birdsong - a quilt of white ferns
a quiet burn
the night gone like invisible silk

her hand is pierced with moon
that's why so cool and white
an owl in the tree now
the day gone, like slow honey

"save your breath," they said
but she is my child again
in another time


Angel-Star said...

i always think of her in spring...

Anthony Duce said...

Good words. The images are strong though the story is personal I can tell, enough said to pull the feelings, but not enough to take the place you hold for yourself in each word. Like this a lot.

Ralph said...

Yes I agree I like this deep expression of love for one who held a special place in your life. Just beautiful

Angel-Star said...

i appreciate your words, anthony and ralph...your en-couragement is invaluable to me, thank you

K9friend said...

Very beautiful sentiments.


Angel-Star said...

i recently discovered if you click on a word in a person's 'interests" list in their profile, it shows you all the people with that interest! so i've been following other greyhound lovers today! how cool...