Monday, April 19, 2010

Do Unto Others as You Would Do Unto Oprah

The other day I hung up from a call and realized I had been rather flippant to a friend of mine. There had been, in the guise of teasing, just a tiny hint of condescension in my voice. So slight she did not seem to notice...but I did.

Then I thought, if Oprah called me I would never speak to her that way!

A few days later another friend asked how the book was coming. I had once promised him a copy. Not only had I failed to deliver, I had completely forgotten the promise! I bet if Oprah requested my manuscript, I'd see to it immediately.

So I've been thinking...what if we treated people with more respect and value, including ourselves?


Ralph said...

Life is so full of promises. Often those promises go unremembered to the maker but not the person the promise was made to. Somr years ago this thought crossed my mind as this blog has. I keep a little promise file on my computer. Yesterday I was able to tick off another promise fulfilled. Love this blog as ever I do. I am sure you are the most marvellous of friends and I would love to have one like you.

Angel-Star said...

ralph, thank you...a promise file is a great idea!