Friday, March 5, 2010

Oprah is Everywhere

Today Oprah had on Diane Sawyer and they briefly discussed Chelsea King, the girl I wrote about a few days ago, who was found murdered near my friend's house. (The perpetrator's parents live in her neighborhood. Scary)

I went on Oprah's site to post a comment and start a discussion, to try and spread my idea that self-defense should be taught to girls in PE classes at school.

So far, no one has responded and it occurs to me that the chances of anyone finding your words, even on Oprah's site, are slim to none. I still don't know what happened to all our blogs that disappeared. (God forbid Google should ever decide to off us all in one fell swoop!)

1 comment:

Angel-Star said...

Still hoping that you will tell me your Oprah stories...her influence is angelic...