Friday, February 19, 2010

Jade Buddha Sun Miracle

My friend Annie went to see the giant jade Buddha that is traveling the world. During the chants, the sun started to pulse - it turned green in the center and pink and yellow rays came out. She showed me a video on her phone. It is amazing.

There are videos on youtube of other sun miracles, in fact, I am the one who originally turned her on to them. Long ago some friends of mine visited Medjugorjie and came home with stories about the sun - that they could look straight at it - that it pulsed and spun.

Their enthusiasm for the Virgin Mary's appearances there are what started me painting Mary, angels, and saints.

And now we've had a miracle of the sun right here in San Diego.

Annie will soon be publishing her blog ("Sarah Vision") and I hope she puts in the video. I will link to it so all of you can see it too!

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Angel-Star said...

Have you ever seen a miracle? An angel?